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Experience Tony Robbin: A Retrospective

Art provokes what was, what could be, and what ought to be.

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Children’s Art Workshops at Renee Foosaner Education Center

Located in the heart of the Eau Gallie Arts District

The Foosaner Art Museum is located along the Indian River in the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD). We are a gathering place, a catalyst for change, and a center of creativity. The Foosaner collects, displays, and interprets all aspects of the visual arts in ways that relate to the past, the present, and to the future.

COVID19 Information

New Gallery Policies:

1. Anyone entering the premises MUST be wearing a face mask (disposable masks will be provided at all times).

2. The museum may only be filled to 50% capacity at any given time.

3. Visitor registration and contact tracing measures at the front desk will be implemented. This includes obtaining the contact details of visitors and participants (name, phone number, and email address).

4. Guided Tours will not be scheduled until further notice.

5. Staff is responsible for ensuring visitors remain at an adequate physical distance by maintaining a minimum 1-meter distance (six feet) between each visitor and participant. Some ways of achieving this include:

  • Encouraging visitors and participants not to visit in large groups.
  • Reduce congestion of visitors and participants by asking any large groups to disperse into smaller ones.
  • Setting up appropriate cordoning measures, such as limiting the number of visitors and participants allowed into the museum at one time.

For more information regarding Florida Tech’s efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, please visit the university’s information page which includes an updated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Classes and Workshops

All 2021 art courses and camps have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.