Current Art Exhibitions

Abstraction: Retrospective Memories (March 20 – June 30, 2021)

Abstraction: Retrospective Memories will be the Foosaner Art Museum’s final exhibition as we prepare to close on June 30, 2021. Galleries will reflect this transformation through the somber and mysterious abstract works of Steve Seinberg, juxtaposed with the radiant colors and expressive abstracts of Rene Griffith. Together the two artists and their works convey what the Brevard art community has come to understand: that despite the museum’s closure, the art community of Brevard will reassemble. Until then, the exhibition will also include a retrospective section Co-curated by Derek Gores that highlights some of the museum’s best moments over the 40+ years it has acted as the heart of the Brevard art community. 

Using muted palettes, precise additive and subtractive devices, bold strokes, and poetic line work, Steve Seinberg creates enormous abstracts often described as visual poetry. His paintings are inspired by biological senses, environmental factors, and the emotional responses to these surroundings. The various elements within his paintings are determined by what he intuits at each moment during the process of creation, which forces his paintings to communicate in a mysterious, unobtrusive, subtle, and instinctive manner. Because of these factors, every aspect and phase of Seinberg’s work fades in and out of the paint almost imperceptibly, leaving behind powerful images that nurture the mind, heart, and soul.

Rene Griffith is an artist and visual storyteller who creates images that evoke memories and feelings from the beauty she discovers in the world. Inspired by a lifelong fascination with abstract shapes, Griffith paints to capture the essence of a place in order to convey her thoughts and feelings. Her mixed-media art is often reminiscent of an earlier era yet is also unmistakably contemporary, intending to create modern art filled with layers of history and texture. She then invites the viewer to complete the story by interpreting it through their own lens and experience.

Art Tank: Artist in Resonance (Feb. 24 – April 24, 2021)

Artist in Resonance exhibits the abstract world of flowing energy, expressive movement, and the emotional rhythm of painter Sarah Peck. Throughout her career, Peck has used bright colors, sinuous gestures, and an illustrative-like style to depict her individual feelings towards the natural world based on her own intersectional experiences, both on a micro and macro level. Often Peck states, “this is a reaction to her traditional Catholic upbringing, the existential dread of climate change, and human fallibility. However, these works are not intended to be pessimistic but instead represent the idea of the universe’s constant self-renewal, which I find comforting – even when that process occurs without human understanding or consciousness.”

Sarah Peck is a multi-passionate creative and visual artist from Rochester, NY who received her BFA in Animation/Illustration from SUNY Fredonia in Fredonia, NY. She attended artist residencies at School of Art at the Chautauqua Institute and at The Yards Collaborative art space in Rochester, NY. While exhibiting regionally in upstate New York, she also published cover illustrations for McGraw Hill and independent authors, as well as working as a graphic designer. She currently makes paintings out of her home studio in Palm Bay, FL. where she lives with her husband and two cats.

*In true Art Tank fashion this exhibition will not include entry but will be on view 24/7 through the massive Education Center display windows* The sidewalk at 1520 Highland Ave awaits you!

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