Current Exhibitions

From June 8 to October 19 the galleries will be filled with the Foosaner’s prized collection of over 60 landscape photographs made by Florida legend, Clyde Butcher (b. 1941).  Clyde Butcher: Florida’s Photographer features selections from the 1995 Limited Edition Collection.

Twenty-four years ago photographer, Clyde Butcher, printed sixty-nine different black and white images, each taken with a large format view camera of the environment of Florida.  Butcher worked in the darkroom to print a limited edition of only three copies of each image; one for his gallery, one for the Foosaner Art Museum, and one for sale.

The images are only available for viewing at this exhibit, as they are not to be found in any of Butcher’s books or on his website.

Exhibition in loving memory of Laurie Wheeler Brown (1944-2019)

Thank you to our exhibition sponsors:

Larry and Mary DeRose