Current Art Exhibitions

August 8 – October 24, 2020

Linda Mitchell, Quartet Rhino, 2007, mixed media on wood panels, 96 x 120 inches

Linda Mitchell (b. 1960) is an Atlanta-based contemporary artist known for capturing the human imagination in every piece. Each one of her mixed media works creates a world of memory, fantasy, and mystery for viewers to experience. Mitchell focuses on mending together animal figures, human concepts, and painting/sculptural techniques in order to create art that explores and embraces human imagination, while also acknowledging the remnants/buried secrets of the human existence.

In Mitchell’s most recent show on display at the Foosaner Art Museum, “Animal Nature: Recent Works by Linda Mitchell” (August 8 – October 24, 2020), viewers can expect to see thirty-two unique paintings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, and more. The show will also feature several objects from our permanent collection!