The Renee Foosaner Education Center is the home of the Foosaner Art Museum’s program of art classes and workshops. Located at 1520 Highland Avenue, across from the Foosaner Art Museum, the Renee Foosaner Education Center building is composed of both studio and gallery space.

Classes & Workshops

Studio art classes for all ages, and at levels ranging from beginner to expert, are offered at the Renee Foosaner Education Center regularly throughout the year. Whether you are a professional developing mastery in your practice, a beginner interested in finding a new medium, or caregiver interested in home school or after-school classes, the Foosaner Education Center has a program to suit your needs.

Classes and workshops are taught by professional artists and art educators and relate to the museum’s Permanent Collection and changing selection of exhibitions.

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Frits van Eeden Gallery

In May of 2013, the Frits van Eeden Gallery was dedicated to showcasing artworks created by area art educators and artists. In 1979 Van Eeden entered a juried competition at the Brevard Art Museum where he won Best-In-Show with a life-size sculpture of horses. This marked the beginning of Van Eeden’s 30-plus year connection to the museum

The Frits Van Eeden Gallery features a variety of special events and rotating exhibitions throughout the year featuring work by area artists and art educators. The gallery is curated by the Foosaner Art Museum’s exhibition team and artists are selected by invitation only.


“Jeff Filipski: In the Bag” (August 3 – August 28, 2020)

In a spirit of full transparency, this exhibition of works by contemporary artist Jeff Filipski is shown like an artquarium, viewed from outside looking in. A veritable fishbowl fest of fine art, where culture-craving citizens can have a dalliance in the district, from a safe distance, window shopping for the wares of one Space Coast Painter. Viewers can expect to see both paintings and mixed media pieces by the prolific Space Coast painter.

There’s no opening reception, no event to pop in the calendar; show up out on the sidewalk at your leisure and introspect on the Renee Foosaner Education Center’s room with a view. Those seeking clarity can glare all you want, but keep your metaphorical rocks at home when visiting the glass house. No big blue bear in sight, cleverly enjoy your own cloche encounter with a veritable kaleidoscope of color, untouchable, preserved for all time or the next month anyway, in this pristine vitrine. Peer groups welcome! (Socially distanced, surely). 

Presented by the Foosaner Art Museum and Derek Gores, this Quarantined Collection is on view from askew just for the month of August, and will be followed by another 30-day outdoor spectacle.


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