Draws is a project of Florida Tech’s Renee Foosaner Education Center in partnership with Rolling Readers Space Coast

DRAWS is a call to young artists within Brevard Public Schools to partner with their peers and illustrate their narratives. The program is designed to: • Inspire creativity in the students of Brevard Public Schools
• Provide students space and tools to create artwork
• Give students an opportunity to have their work published
• Give students an opportunity to compete for a Florida Prepaid College Savings Scholarship
• The contest is open to students enrolled in art class, art club or any visual arts-related program.

Any further questions should be directed to the Rolling Readers Space Coast office and/or the Renee Foosaner Education Center.

Contest Rules

The contest period is January 13, 2020- February 14, 2020.
· Illustrations must be designed, created, and completed at the Renee Foosaner Education Center.
· Students may choose one of the following mediums to create their illustrations: Graphite on paper, acrylic on paper, pastels on paper, watercolors on paper, or linocut prints.
· Participants must be accompanied by an adult while in the Renee Foosaner Education Center’s art studio.
· Contest is open to all Brevard Public School System students who are actively taking an Arts class or belong to their school’s Art Club at the levels of 1 st – 2nd Grade and 3 rd – 4 th Grade.
· Illustration must be the original and new work produced by the participant.
· Illustrations cannot be taken home before submission and will not be returned for corrections.
· Participants may ONLY create illustrations relevant and pertinent to the stories provided to them via the WRITES program.
· All artwork must be completed and submitted by February 14, 2020, no later than 4:00 p.m.
· Submissions will be reviewed by an independent volunteer panel from February 15 -February 17, 2020.
· Winners will be notified via email, phone, and written notification via USPS.

· WRITES AND DRAWS winning entries will be sent to publishing, February 17, 2020 – May 4, 2020.
· Press Photos of WRITES AND DRAWS winners will take place during March 2020.
· Winners are required to attend the award celebration, May 15, 2020, Foosaner Art Museum.
· Winners will receive the following:
· 1 st place wins a $500 Florida Prepaid Savings Account and work published in Rolling Readers WRITES Volume I
· Runner-Up wins a $250 Florida Prepaid Savings Account and will have their work published in Rolling Readers WRITES Volume I *All submissions become the property of Rolling Readers Space Coast, Inc. and the Renee Foosaner Education Center.

Click here to download the entry form